Dutch Schulze - Crystal Sculpture
(a sampling of earlier work)
Carved Pot
Cast Crystal
10" Diameter x 8 1/2" High
The Hopping Raven
Cast Crystal Vase
11"H x 10" W x 6"D
Cast Crystal
Relief in Negativ
14"H x 6"W x 4"D
Cast Crystal Relief
15"H x 12"W x 2"D
Raven Vase
Cast Crystal
13"High x 12"Diameter

Cast Crystal Vessel
6"High x 10" Wide x 6"Deep
October Vessel
Cast Crystal
11"High x 9" Diameter
Danaiid in the Arches
Cast Crystal
22"H x 15"W x 7"D
The Amazon and the Dreamer

Cast Glass Relief
9"H x 9"W x 4"D

The Horse
Cast Glass Relief
9"H x 10"W x 4"D
The Dreamer
Cast Glass Relief
10"H x 10"W x 4"D
All work has been created and cast by Dutch Schulze. Contact: dutch@dutchschulze.com, (541) 347-4723
PO Box 1516, Bandon, Oregon, 97411
All images and sculptures are copyrighted