Dutch Schulze - Crystal Sculpture
Texas Tech Health Sciences Center
Amarillo Texas
Cast Glass and Steel Sculpture
suspended over the Atrium
Installed 2002
The sculpture itself is 13 Feet High
10 Feet Wide and 2 Inches thick
This view is from the balcony, on the second floor of the Atrium.
This is the view from the floor of the Atrium looking up through the arms of a sculpture
The Visititation
St. Mary's Hospital
Blue Springs, Missouri
Installed 2009
The sculpture consists of a cast glass relief panel enclosed in a fabricated steel case with back lighting.
The sculpture is displayed in the lobby of the hospital.
37"High x 20"Wide x4"Deep
ll work has been created and cast by Dutch Schulze. Contact: dutch@dutchschulze.com, (541) 347-4723
PO Box 1516, Bandon, Oregon, 97411
All images and sculptures are copyrighted